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25 Jun 2019
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Specification of

Safety vest is one of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is made of polyester which is specially designed and equipped with a reflector or reflector of light. Usually used by workers such as police, mine workers, vehicle operators, warehouse operations workers, road maintenance workers, parking workers etc. Safety vest can be used at noon or night.

Function of Safety Vest

Can Be Seen In Dark Conditions
As mentioned above, the bright color of reflective ribbons making safety vests can be seen easily by others who do work using heavy equipment, vehicles or other equipment. Thus the possibility of an accident can be reduced.

Make Others Be Alert
The choice of colors such as yellow, orange, or green is not without reason. These colors are colors - colors that can be seen at great distances. Therefore drivers on the road or other workers at the work site can identify vest users from a distance and slow down the speed of the vehicle.

Although everyone understands the safety vest is very useful and effective. However, it is often the case that workers assume that vests can interfere with comfort. This is a matter of habit. The reality shows, after being used for some time, people will feel comfortable. Even for some people, they will feel uncomfortable when not using the safety vest.

Protect from water
In addition to comfort, another very beneficial aspect of a safety vest is water resistance. Although not all safety vests have this feature. In some types of safety vests can protect the wearer from rain or wind. Even though the body sweats, but a safety vest can protect or minimally reduce the effects of exposure to the wind.

Prices are relatively cheap
Generally the price of safety vests is relatively affordable and should not be a reason for companies not to buy safety vests for employees - employees who work in hazardous locations. Compared to the losses that will arise when a work accident occurs such as financial loss, and so on.

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