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Toko Bintang Safety Kenari

Public Toilet Safety Sign
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Specification of Public Toilet Safety Sign

Safety Sign


Traffic signs

The More Informative Box Model

Size: 20 x 50

Thick 1mm Aluminum Reflective Sticker Glowing Reflective Material (Special Signs)

Can Custom as needed and other sign designs are available such as

1. Do Not Enter

2. Pedestrians

3. U-Turn / U Turn

4. Caution Automatic bar

5. Special Road Guidelines

6. Enter the Left / Right Path

7. Get out

8. Car / Motorcycle Parking

9. Don't Stop

10. No parking

11. Gathering Point

12. Evacuation route

13. Etc.

Content / Text in signs can be custom / tailored to the needs.

Able to housing complexes, office buildings, malls, campuses, schools, homes

Hospital, Hotels, Apartments, Etc.

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