AUTO FIRE OFF (AFO) Ball Extinguisher

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11 Mar 2022
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1 Unit
Fire Ball

Specification of AUTO FIRE OFF (AFO) Ball Extinguisher

The Auto Fire Off (AFO) fire extinguisher is a round ball equipped with an iron bracket to put the AFO in a strategic place. It is suitable for use for security in homes, warehouses, hotels, halls, exits, evacuation exit points, karaoke rooms, discotheques, etc...
It is very easy to use without special training, even children can do blackout. Simply throw it at the point where the fire is burning, the AFO will automatically work. AFO is immediately activated if there is direct contact with flames / hotspots.
Product specifications:
*Weight: 1.3 kg
*Shape: Ball
*How it works: Regarding the sensor deactivation and being thrown in the fire area
*Reaction: Low pressure explosion automatically 3-5 seconds after contact with fire
*Contents: Eco-friendly dry powder
* Expiration : 5 years
* Blackout distance: 3 m3 (Cubic Meters)
*Size: 20x20x20 cm

Product advantages:
1.The product is very light and in the shape of a ball so it is very easy to use by adults and children
2.Just by placing the product at various fire trigger points such as Electric Circuits, Gas Barrels, Factories, Warehouses, Shopping Malls, Gas Stations, Hotels, home kitchens, and even in cars.
3.Only with a record time of 3-5 seconds, can extinguish the fire very quickly and efficiently
4.Can be thrown/rolled from a distance, so it doesn't have to be too close to the fire source
5.No procedure is required because the ball will automatically explode if it comes into contact with fire. However, the low-pressure explosion sound does not exceed the sound of the racing exhaust and only feels the effect of the wind on the beach
6. The product is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and safe when in contact with the skin
7.This product is very profitable because it does not need an annual inspection, and a very long expiry period of 5 years.
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